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Preventative Care

At Walton Way Veterinary Clinic, we focus on preventative veterinary medical practices. In other words, we want to keep your pets healthy by preventing them from getting sick. Many diseases that were once fatal to pets can now be prevented through the use of vaccinations. We follow the vaccination requirements set out by the American Animal Hospital Association and will work with you to tailor a vaccine regimen to suit your pet’s needs. We also recommend annual check ups for your pets so that we can watch for any abnormalities and catch them early. Another area in which we can initiate preventative practices is with parasites.

Parasites can be real pests. Both external (fleas, ticks) and internal (heartworm, hookworm, roundworm) parasites can cause problems for your pet as well as your family. In Augusta, Evans, and Martinez, Georgia, fleas can be a year-round problem for pets and their owners. They are not just a nuisance; they carry diseases that can be dangerous to both you and your pet. Your pet can also be allergic to fleas, and even just one flea bite can cause an intense allergic reaction.

There are three types of ticks found in Georgia; the Lone Star Tick is most common; the American Dog Tick that transmits the bacterium that carries Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever is the second most common; and the Black Legged or Deer Tick that transmits the bacteria that causes Lyme disease is the third type.

The veterinarians at Walton Way Veterinary Clinic can test your pets for internal parasites and provide treatment options if your pet tests positive. We will also develop preventive protocols for your pet regarding the best ways to control fleas and ticks in your house, your yard, and on your pet.

Prevention is the best approach to eliminating these pests. Please speak to one of our veterinarians about a preventative plan that is most appropriate for your pet’s lifestyle.

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