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Our expert doctors at Walton Way Veterinary Clinic offer safe, state-of-the-art surgical treatment to pets in Augusta, Evans, Martinez, Georgia, and North Augusta, South Carolina. We perform routine surgical services including spay, neuter, a wide variety of soft tissue surgeries such as biopsies, mass removals, removal of foreign bodies, cystotomy, vulvoplasty, and splenectomy. Other surgeries we provide include laceration repair, entropion repair, hematoma repair, cherry eye, advanced wound care, and amputations.

If surgery is deemed necessary for your pet, you can rest assured that our experienced doctors and staff will take the utmost care of your pet and treat it as our own. At Walton Way Veterinary Clinic, we understand that anesthesia is scary. It’s very common for people to be concerned, especially when their older pet needs a procedure. To ensure your pet’s safety we require blood work prior to each surgery so that we can screen for any abnormalities or conditions that may be problematic. We also monitor vital signs throughout all stages of surgery and recovery.

Once the surgery is complete, your pet will be brought out of anesthesia and our staff will continue to monitor vital signs and pain levels. We will keep your pet on site where our veterinarians can supervise the recovery until your pet is well enough to go home with you. All surgeries are followed up with a post-surgical examination and rehabilitation if needed.

In some instances our veterinarians will recommend alternative solutions to surgery. One example of a preferred non-surgical treatment that we suggest at Walton Way Veterinary Clinic is Soft Paws. Instead of declawing your cats, applying Soft Paws to their nails is a humane way to save yourself from scratches and your furniture and drapes from being destroyed. The application is painless since they are just glued on, and they will fall off when your kitty naturally sheds its nails.

Whether your pet is of the age to be spayed or neutered or needs a different surgical procedure, the veterinarians and staff at Walton Way Veterinary Clinic are here for you and your pet. Contact us today for more information.

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